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Saboro Fruits Story

Saboro Apples

  • Diligent Orchard Selection
    Saboro apples come from the pristine orchard situated above 6000 ft altitude and are harvested at just the right maturity lever to deliver right sweetness & flavour to you.

  • Meticulously Inspected
    Apples are thoroughly inspected by our quality experts randomly pick up only those Apples which are uniform in colour, size & crunchiness.

  • Painstakingly Graded
    The apples go under the eye of our grading experts who painstakingly pick out the apples of the right size and colour.

  • Thoughtfully Sorted
    Colourless, bruised & odd size apples are again removed by our sorting experts to make sure that our consumers get the apples with consistent colour, size & shape.

  • Carefully Transported
    The apples are carefully packed in specially made 10kg cartons with soft packing on all sides to avoid any sort of damage to the precious fruit.

Saboro Grapes

  • Carefully Harvested
    Saboro grapes are skillfully grown in orchards in Nasik, Sangli & Solapur areas of Maharashtra under the watchful eyes of our cultivation experts who guide the farmers in producing the best quality.

  • Chemical Residue Testing
    Grapes are directly sampled by NABL accredited laboratories, tested for chemical residues with regard to customer's MRL (Maximum Residue Level) requirement.

  • Passionately Cultivated
    Saboro grapes are harvested by trained harvesters who only harvest the best fruit with right maturity, berry size, sugar levels, taste, palatability, flavour and visual appearance before harvesting.

  • Carefully Packed
    Saboro Grape bunches are checked and unwanted berries are removed before they are sent for packing.

  • Vigilantly Cleaned
    Saboro grape bunches are weighed and packed in punnets & carry bags pack types. Extreme care in packing at Saboro centres ensures that uniformly coloured, sweet and crunchy grapes reaches to you in excellent condition.

Saboro Banana

  • Mindfully Sourced
    Saboro bananas are Robusta bananas, sourced from the fertile lands of the Narmada belt. They are grown using a regulated crop care system with minimal residue levels.

  • Cherry-picked Produce
    Meeting the high quality standards of 19 cm+ finger length and 11 cm+ girth. Bruising percentage is as low as 2-4 % and probability of red rust,mosquito bites and latex is 0%.

  • Scientifically Ripened
    SScientifically ripened using hygienic and regulated processes approved by FSSAI. This ensures that the fruit is ripened correctly and uniformly and helps maintain its natural flavour and aroma.

  • Tactfully Transported
    Carefully packed after adequate quality checks. Then safely transported to ensure minimal bruising and physical injury to the fruit.

  • Certifiably Safe
    Saboro Bananas come with the assurance of premium quality. Each fruit is a 'Certified safe' fruit.