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Quality and Food Safety

Saboro Apples

  • Produce
    - Fresh, red, sweet and crunchy apples.
    - Sourced from the natural valleys of Shimla, Kinnaur and Pooh in Himachal Pradesh.

  • Process
    - Harvesting, Grading and Packing of apples under MSSL supervision.
    - 3-tier quality inspection system - at the farm, pack house and on arrival.
    - Careful and safe transport of apples.

  • Promise of Quality
    - Adherence to requirements of FSSAI norms.

Saboro Grapes

  • Produce
    - Inspection of berry size, sugar levels, taste, palatability, flavour and visual appearance of grapes before harvesting.
    - Removal of unwanted berries amongst the grape bunches, before they are sent for packing.

  • Process
    - Grape bunches are weighed and packed in 5kg punnets, 4.5 kg loose carry bags, 9 kg loose carry bags pack types.
    - Each punnet/carton is made traceable back to farm plot.
    - Retail customer-wise residue compliance based on chemical residue testing is highlighted on pallet label.

  • Promise of Quality
    - Grapes from every farm block are directly sampled by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) accredited laboratories.
    - Testing of grape samples for chemical residues with regard to customer's Maximum Residue Level (MRL) requirement and cleared for harvesting.

Saboro Banana

  • Produce
    - Robusta bananas, sourced from the fertile lands of the Narmada belt.
    - High quality standards of a 19 cm+ finger length and an 11 cm+ girth.
    - Bruising percentage as low as 2-4 %.

  • Process
    - Grown in fertile soils with a regulated crop care system with minimal residue levels.
    - Zero physical contact with the fruit.
    - No use of calcium carbide for artificial ripening.
    - Carefully packed after adequate quality checks.
    - Safely transported to ensure minimal bruising and physical injury to the fruit.

  • Promise of Quality
    - Scientifically ripened using hygienic and regulated processes approved by FSSAI. This ensures that the fruit is ripened correctly and uniformly and helps maintain its natural flavour and aroma.
    - Assurance of a premium quality - 'Certified Safe' fruit.